“Russell’s Special” Our Bestseller!

Egg on a roll with cheese, bacon, ham, and sausage  4.25

DOUBLE “Russell’s Special” 6.75  TRIPLE 9.25 QUADRUPLE (!) 11.25

Egg on a Roll 2.00
With cheese          2.75
With meat             3.00
With cheese & meat       3.25
(ham, sausage or bacon)
Extra egg – add .50

Bagel 1.00
With butter                  1.75
With cream cheese   2.00

Egg Platter
Two (2) eggs, home fries, toast      4.25
With sausage, ham or bacon         5.50

Pancakes Three huge pancakes        3.75
Add bacon, ham or sausage          5.00

Muffins Fresh baked every morning!          1.75

Three (3) Egg Omelette w/Home Fries & Toast

Cheese          5.00    Mushroom & Cheese          6.00
Western         6.00    Spinach & Feta                    6.50
Philly Cheesesteak        6.50            …Or Create Your Own!

Breakfast Burrito 4.25
(2 Eggs, Sausage, Peppers, Onions & Cheese)

Philly Breakfast Burrito 5.00
(2 Eggs, Roast Beef, Peppers, Onions, Cheese & Steak         Sauce)

Homemade Home Fries 2.50

Fresh Brewed Coffee 1.35/1.60/1.85

Baked Goods ~ Assortment Changes Daily~

Jumbo Cookies  2.00/2.25        From Artuso’s, Bronx, NY:

Linzer Tarts  2.50                             Cannoli                      2.25
Brownies  2.00                                  Sfogliatelle                2.50
Eclairs  3.00                                       Tiramisu                    3.00
Mini Cookies  6.99/lb                     Napoleon                  3.00
…and more!

Deli Fresh Made Sandwiches

All sandwiches are made fresh to order and served on your choice of white, wheat, rye, wheat wrap, roll or sub.

If you don’t see what you want, please ask!   We can make it for you!


Russell’s Fresh Turkey (roasted in house)                          6.75               8.25
Oven Gold Turkey (or smoked, pepper, salsalito)           6.75               8.25
Russell’s Roast Beef (roasted in house)                                6.75               8.25         Ham                                                                                                     6.50               8.00
Bologna                                                                                              5.50                7.00

Salami                                                                                                 6.50                8.00

Italian Combo                                                                                 7.00                8.75
(salami, pepperoni, ham cappy, mortadella & provolone)

American Combo                                                                          7.00                8.75
(ham, roast beef, turkey & american cheese)

Tuna Salad or Chicken Salad                                                      6.25                7.75

Tarragon Chicken Salad                                                               6.50                8.00

Egg Salad                                                                                            5.25                6.75

BLT                                                                                                       5.50                7.00

Corned Beef                                                                                      6.75                8.25

Pastrami                                                                                            6.75                8.25

Rueben                                                                                               7.00               8.50

Liverwurst                                                                                        5.50                7.00

Chicken Cutlet                                                                                 6.50                8.00

Veggie                                                                                                5.50                7.00
(fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers & pesto mayo)

Cheese                                                                      5.00                6.50

Prices include lettuce, tomato, onion & cheese

Extras: Hot or Roasted Peppers .50     Bacon 1.00/1.50                                       Pickles/Cukes/Olives/Green Peppers .25
Eggplant (when avail.) 1.00/1.50

Large Variety of Homemade Salads Made Daily…

Buffalo Chicken Salad, Tomato Cucumber Mozzarella,Fresh Fruit, Potato, Macaroni, Coleslaw, Tortellini Antipasto,Chicken, Tuna, Egg, Seafood, and MORE…

All Prices Subject to Change

“Hot Stuff”

We offer a delicious and varied selection of homemade hot entrees everyday!  Please call for today’s selection!

“The Trembley” (Named in honor of one of our US Navy Instructors)
XL Portion of Pastrami on Grilled Rye with Swiss, Sauerkraut, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Russian, Oil & Vinegar                  9.00

“Our Famous” Pulled BBQ Pork topped with Coleslaw 6.75  sub: 8.25

Philly Cheese Steak roll: 6.75  sub: 8.25
*Fresh roast beef grilled with onions & topped with melted cheese

Chicken Cheese Steak roll: 6.75  sub: 8.25
*Fresh chicken breast sautéed with onions & topped with melted cheese

**All cheese steaks grilled fresh to order – please be patient!**

House Favorite! “#1 Panini” Fresh Fried Eggplant, Prosciutto,
Fresh Mozzarella & Homemade Pesto Mayo        7.00

Cheeseburger & French Fries 7.00

Mozzarella Sticks (6) 5.75

Grilled Cheese 4.00   with Bacon 5.00       Tuna Melt 6.50

Homemade Meatballs or Sausage & Peppers roll: 5.50   sub: 7.00
– add cheese .50 –

Chicken Parmesan roll: 6.75   sub: 8.25

French Fries sm: 2.00  lg: 3.50

Onion Rings sm: 2.50  lg: 4.00

Homemade Soups 12oz: 3.00/ 16oz: 3.75/Quart: 7.00

“Super Salads”

Fresh Spring Mix
w/choice of Tuna, Egg, Chicken Salad or Grilled Chicken    7.50

Chef’s Salad 7.50

Mediterranean Salad 7.50
(Fresh Spring Mix with Eggplant, Olives, Roasted Peppers & Feta)

Or Create Your Own!


Fountain Soda: 16oz.-1.75/ 24oz.-2.00/ 32oz.-2.25


~Variety of bottled juices, teas, sodas available~

EST. 1991

303 Milton Avenue (Rte.50)

Ballston Spa, NY  12020


Fax: 518-885-1700

Please call or check our website for daily specials!


We proudly serve Boar’s Head cold cuts, as well as other fine products; also available by the pound.

We come to Ballston Spa with 30 years of food service experience, including three previously successful

“Russell’s Deli’s” located in Westchester County, NY.

Offering a large selection of homemade, freshly prepared salads, daily hot food specials, and a variety of baked goods.

Please don’t hesitate to ask Russell for a special request!

~ Catering for all occasions ~

Specializing in 3 to 6 foot subs, hot foods & salads.

Cakes, pastries, breads available with 24 hours notice.

Gift Certificates Available

HOURS: MONDAY-SATURDAY 5am-ish ‘till 2:30pm-ish

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